To kickstart our Specialist Spotlight series, we caught up with Client Executive, Nick Ioannou, to find out all about his role, how he supports clients and the interesting developments that are currently taking place in his career now that David Codling and Associates is part of Specialist Risk Group.

Hi Nick, thank you for taking part in our specialist spotlight interview today. Can you start by telling us how long you have worked at David Codling and Associates (DCA), and an overview of your role and how it has developed?

I joined DCA as a Client Liaison Officer in 2019 and since then, my role has developed significantly. I am now a Client Executive and I love that I am in control of my own success. No two days are the same, some days I am in London meeting clients, other days I deal with renewals, risk assessments, generate new business, develop our product offering and help clients understand modern threats such as Cyber. I am heavily involved and invested in every aspect of the DCA business.

That sounds really interesting! What do you enjoy most about your role?

Since DCA was acquired by Specialist Risk Group (SRG) in December 2019, I have met so many talented individuals. I joined SRG’s High Potential Programme (HiPo) in 2020 which has given me the exposure I wanted. I feel like I am playing an integral part in helping DCA and SRG grow and develop. I really enjoy the variety of my role.

And what was your first job? Did you learn anything that has helped you get to where you are today?

When I finished Sixth Form, I started working as a Sales Representative for a nationwide retailer. I was one of their top sellers! I learnt many transferrable skills, which provided a fantastic foundation for my future career.

That’s brilliant. Are you working on any professional skills currently?

Leadership is something I am always working on, but more generally I try to strive to improve myself with the aim of developing my career. I’m currently studying towards my ACII and Prince 2 Practitioner qualification in Project Management.

I was successful in gaining membership to the SRG’s NextCo (shadow board) and currently working with a team of talented individuals on a project which will benefit the Group exponentially. I am very excited about the possibility of it getting approved.

Thanks Nick. Is there a particular behaviour or personality trait that you most attribute your success to, and why?

I’m a confident and influential speaker when addressing key stakeholders, clients and underwriters. I am a diverse and adaptive individual who embraces change, as you can imagine there has been a multitude of changes over the last few years here at DCA. I have embraced and adapted my ways of learning and try to always look forward with a positive attitude. “Be comfortable being uncomfortable” is the quote I live by, after all you don’t progress in your comfort zone.

When I went to SRG’s GROWTH conference, I noticed the talent within the room was phenomenal. It was great to see my colleagues present, great speakers and people just bounced off each other. I feel like I am in the right place to develop and push forward and grow.

What is your proudest achievement in your career to date?

As DCA is part of SRG, I work in a group of over 500 people, so I am most proud of my progression and where I am today. I have built fantastic relationships and I am known as a key contact that people can come to at DCA and SRG. Since successfully completing the HiPo programme, I was asked to join SRG’s NextCo, which has been great for career development.

What are you most excited about for the future of DCA and in addition, SRG?

The business development and growth. Every colleague is valued here and when you feel valued, you push above and beyond to make the company grow, and together I really believe we can build something even more successful.

Sounds great. Are you experiencing or observing any trends in the insurance market right now?

We are now implementing technology to adapt to emerging threats, and helping our clients understand them and how to protect against them. The jewellery industry is currently extremely volatile with stock increases and decreases as the prices of gold and gems fluctuate. We are regularly reviewing our clients’ level of cover to ensure they have the correct sum insured. We also have to be competitive and innovative, which is why I am really looking forward to the future of DCA as we are developing so fast.

And what advice would you give to someone looking to start their career in the insurance industry?

The insurance industry is a great sector to get into because it is constantly evolving in terms of technology, products, people, and culture. I would say there is always room for growth so try to learn transferrable skills in the industry. As long as you have the passion for personal development and growth the opportunities are limitless!

Thanks Nick. To finish on a light note, here are 3 quick fire questions for you!

  1. Three words that best describe you?

Motivated, positive, and adaptable.

  1. Films or books? Favourite book/film?

I like both but prefer films! I enjoy films based on reality or past events. So, I’d pick ‘The Big Short’  and ‘The Founder’.

  1. Go-to karaoke song?

I can clear a venue with my voice, but I’d choose; ‘Great Balls of Fire’.