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As professional brokers we have a dedicated and empathetic approach to your business. We will deal with the complexities of insurance cover and premiums and pick up the financial pieces after a loss. It’s fundamental that a claim is covered, and we at David Codling and Associates use only established and specialist underwriters when placing a client’s insurance.


David Codling and Associates is a member of the London Diamond Bourse and an Associate member of the National Association of Jewellers.


When you work with our dedicated team we will

Offer independent finance facilities through Close Brothers Premium Finance

Ongoing support in the event of a claim

Give best advice on policy requirements

Assist in choosing the right type of safe, alarm system and other security equipment

Give advice on security and risk management measures

Appoint a highly recognised security consultant to advise on physical security and a loss adjuster to ensure that claims are dealt with fairly and efficiently


At David Codling and Associates, we are extremely proud of the accreditations we hold. They reflect our good, ethical practice, the knowledge and capability of our people and our commitment to our clients.


Year on year, we are delighted to be awarded the prestigious title of Chartered Insurance Brokers. The yearly audit conducted by the Chartered Insurance Institute demonstrates our commitment to:

  • Ethical behaviour that is tailored to your needs
  • Competent and knowledgeable advice
  • The highest level of technical and professional qualifications
  • High quality support and advice

In 2021, we ranked Gold in the Investor in Customers (IIC) assessment which is built around four principles:

  1. Understand customer needs
  2. Meet customer needs
  3. Delight customers
  4. Create loyalty

David Codling and Associates is proud to have ranked Gold in each of these areas by the IIC, our clients and our staff, resulting in one of the highest Gold standard scores of all time!

David Codling set up David Codling and Associates in 2004 when he realised the industry needed a specialist Jewellers’ Block insurance broker.

In 2019 we were acquired by Specialist Risk Group, one of the fastest growing insurance brokers in the UK. We now fall under their Specialty Clients division, Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions where we form the dedicated Jewellers’ Block insurance team.

We are excited for our future as David Codling and Associates, part of the Specialist Risk Group.

As a Group, it is our goal to be a top 20 broker in the UK. Each year we continue to move up the ranks of the Insurance Brokers Top 50 list, and we currently rank in the top 30.

Our parent company, Specialist Risk Group, is one of the fastest-growing groups of insurance intermediaries in the UK. The Group is split into four business units, providing a bespoke service to our unique markets and clients. David Codling and Associates falls under the Speciality Clients division; Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions. The other business units are: Miles Smith and TUE – UK and Ireland Speciality Broking, Specialist Risk International – International Specialty Broking and MX – Specialty Underwriting.

Being part of the Group allows us to access specialist products and the Lloyd’s of London market through the other business units. This means we can provide our clients with a truly unique service and offer a range of exclusive benefits.

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At Specialist Risk Group, we are governed by our mantra “Difficult. Done Well.”. We specialise in crafting solutions for specialist insurance needs that other companies actively avoid and solve problems for clients that other brokers cannot solve. We take a people first approach that empowers our staff and enables them to respond quickly to clients. Our people are offered valuable learning and development opportunities and ultimately, we aim to create an environment where we enjoy coming to work. We believe this means our people will always provide an outstanding service to our clients.



HGGC re-scale 2

In 2020, HGGC, a private equity fund manager, acquired the majority shareholding in Specialist Risk Group.

HGGC are relationship investors with operating backgrounds who seek to build differentiated middle-market businesses. They invest in companies that they believe have leading competitive positions in defensible markets where they can add value via their operating skills and relationships, focusing on sectors such as Financial Services and Business Services.

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HGGC have 198 portfolio investments, with a total of $5.4 billion cumulative commitments. They seek to leverage their investor-operator skillsets and deep multi-sector networks to develop preferred partner relationships that encourage alignment of interests as they work to drive positive outcomes that lead to strong references and enhanced networks.

We benefit from the support provided by HGGC in reaching our growth targets and providing an exceptional service to our clients.


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